mercredi 18 décembre 2013

Some UQAM Packplay people

C'était la présentation final des projet Packplay ce matin à l'UQAM. Voici quelques visages satisfaits croqués sur le vif.

It was Packplay final presentation day at UQAM this morning. here are some satisfied faces cut during the presentation.

lundi 16 décembre 2013

"Participative design not only broadens the base of user involvement, but also places the responsibility and control of the design process in the hands of the users."

©1985 MIS Quarterly/December 1985 All rights reserved. 
User Experience with and Assessment of Participative Systems Design 
By: R.A. Hirschheim, Templeton College, Oxford University Oxford, England

Packplay at Nackademin | Stockholm

Voici des nouvelles et des souhaits de joyeuses fêtes de Packplay Stockholm!

Here are some images and Season's Greatings from Packplay team in Stockholm.